In short, this blog is about your average Joburg girl getting her bake on between work, life and existential crises.

From baking simple scones with my grandmother and cousins to helping my eldest sister bake a rather dry single layered chocolate cake, to venturing out on my own with back of packet recipes, we all start somewhere.

It has always been baby steps and dabbling rather than jumping in feet first. Well, this is what this blog is, nose pinched, feet first diving.

So let’s put it like this, this blog will basically follow my growth path in baking to which you are cordually invited to join in on. The bakes with range thematically through basics across; cookies, breads, cakes, tarts/pies and fancy French shit, AKA, pastries. These will be broken up into three stages being, basic or day to day, medium for having people around and intricate for special occasions or just a fun twist on things.

Remember, this is my partially amateur self, exploring and learning more of this world of baking. Join me in my triumphs and failures. It may be a hoot, it may be a flop but I’m going to have fun doing it.

The best way to stay in the loop is that follow button though…

Watch out for blog posts every Tuesday. 😊