Christmas Tings

Jingle bells, jingle bells. Meh, I’m really not that guy so I might as well stop fronting, I’m no caroler.

Guys, I’m so exhausted I cannot. Its Christmas eve and I’m still at work, I had to basically plan all of the Christmas festivities, I haven’t slept much and on top of that I’m baking 4 different cookies and I only have one done. Yup, I’m pooped guys, I really am. What’s the point of me telling you this you may ask. I’m just trying to get some sympathy and a hug ok. Oh, and to explain why I didn’t bake anything new. Nope guys, I’m too tired to go through baking something new, photographing and blogging. Nope, you get what you get.


Ok, then lazy hoe, what’s the point of posting anyway? Well tis the day before Christmas and well, why not give you a roundup of all the things I’ll be baking tonight. Some of them are oldies and some of them are newies. They are all relatively easy to make so even if you are reading this all last minute and shit, you will be good.

Ok first up Ginger Cookies

Yup, I said it once and I’ll say it again “these cookies slap on Christmas” I have made them every year for four or five years (also throughout the year) I am super judged if I don’t bring these. No one has to ask me to make them at this point because I already know my job.


Sugar Cookies

Ok, these are good but honestly, they may be the least slappy of the bunch and are annoying because they need to rest and stay cool which is difficult during the South African December and it doesn’t help that my apartment is as hot as the oven in Hades. Outside of all this bitching these are still tasty, they offer soooooooooo much room to play with decorations. I like to split the batch and colour some of the dough, mix it with the plain white dough and create a marbled effect. I also cut a circle out the middle of some cookies and drop a hard candy inside to melt and have a stained-glass effect. Awesome for decorating trees.



Peep the decorations and father trying to eat them

Vanilla Viennese

Guys guys guys. These are sooooooooooo easy to make and are so delicate. These are both adult and kid friendly. Last time I made these my Hlanyoz (aged 3) had a blast decorating and Sister #2 (aged 29) enjoyed eating them. I win. I’ll be using both white and dark chocolate for decorating this time, I suck at tempering white chocolate so please pray for me.


Get them working young

Cranberry pistachio biscotti

No explanation really. These things be slapitty slapping in the town of Slapsville. Honestly, I’m most excited about them. Oh, and they have green and red. That’s Christmassy, right?


Ok, I need to get off this laptop and do some work. And, I must make all these damn cookies tonight.


Send wine.

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