cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love

You’re the tool

Ok, how fun are these super cheesy pictures? I vote super fun. I mean, what is a girl without baking tools strewn all over the floor? Nothing I tell you, NOTHING.

Anywhoooo, hello to you, you amazing little weirdo. Did you make all your tarts? Mommy won’t be too happy if you skipped out on your homework…. Ill just trust that you left the Pick n Pay baked good isle alone and made at least an apple pie for your new neighbor, if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I’m more into waiting to unlock my door until I am 100 percent certain that my neighbor is either safely far away from eyeshot and risk of having to walk down stairs together or deep enough in their flats not to notice my stealthy routine passed windows. But anyway, just fucking bake some pies.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love

My Babies

I am stressing you to bake a pie because we are moving into a phase that is, in my mind, based on the basics of a pie/tart. Get the pastry casing right and we can make, drumroll please, SOME FANCY FRENCH SHIT. I know, crazy right? Who thought we would be making fancy French shit? Guys, I believe in us, we can do this. Its going to be so dope. We have gone over so much, I really do believe that we can do this thing. But that’s next weeks problem, lets focus on todays focus, how to not be a complete tool, by getting tools…

Ok, look at all the shit I have gotten since we started with this baking business.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love

Keep your loved ones close

“Oh, damn, Badi these are mad tools man” Uhm, not really. One, pay day just passed and some of you guys have substantially higher incomes than me and for us broke bitches, there is this lovely thing called “Sales”. Two, stagger your purchases hun, buy things gradually and not all at once, that’s what I did. Three, if you don’t need it don’t get it. You don’t need to get every, single, thing that I have, learn how to dupe things like I’ve had to over the years. Google and DIY can be your friend until you decide to jump in.

You know the drill, lets get into these tools

  • Apron
  • Oven thermometer
  • Sugar thermometer
  • Rolling pin
  • Pastry cutter
  • Muffin tin
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Gel Food colouring* not really a tool but super important
  • All Purpose flour
  • Bundt Mold
  • Sieve

Ok, so you may have noticed me talking about some of the above mentioned in previous points or some may be kinda brand new to you. So hey, lets briefly go over each one and their purpose so that you can decide for yourself it is worth it.

Apron: Well this is simple, this thing keeps you clean. Will you die without it? No. Does it make you feel like a grown up and a new age Nigella Lawson? Yes.


Oven thermometer: This is super useful if you find that your cakes keep dropping in the middle or if for some reason everything burns. You might find that the heat gauge is not a true reflection of the actual heat in your oven. I trust my own oven mostly since I’ve tested it, but I always grab this if I’m going to bake at someone else’s home.

Sugar thermometer: Well, in all honestly, I don’t LOOOOOOVE the one I bought. I mainly bought mine in order to temper chocolate, and because it was cheap, only to find that it only measured higher temperatures. So, like, I think I will get a digital one, one of these days but yea, this one is nice for something simple when making Jams or even syrups.

Rolling Pin: So, I have two. One was gifted from a friend, hey Pretty, and the other one was appropriated from my mother’s house, hi mama. What? Don’t judge my millennial ways, I don’t think she’s ever used it, so I just allowed it the opportunity to be used and loved.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Rolling Pin

Pastry cutter: Ok, so this is one of my newer purchases and in trying to figure if its all that. I work pretty quickly with butter and I find that my monster sized fingers do a more thorough job. On the other hand, I like that it keeps the dough cooler despite how long I may be working, and its nice to keep my hands clean, one day I might want a pretty manicure too.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Pastry Cutter

Muffin Tin: Soooooooooo many uses. Muffins, cupcakes, tartlets, cookie cup thingies. I really have no clue why on earth I went so long without one. Even I baffle myself. I didn’t buy this myself, I have to thank one of my favourite people, Zahn, for this one. You are my angel. Guys, I feel like entire cakes and tarts are over rated. Mini everything’s for the win.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Muffin Tin

Bundt Mold: Guys, it makes pretty cakes. Don’t we like pretty things? I do. Again, this was on sale at clicks. I love it homes

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Bundt Mold

Sieve: I mean, who doesn’t appreciate light fluffy cake or even gritless puree? I actually know why I didn’t have this earlier, I wanted this pretty cup type one, but the classic one is more useful really. I’m about multipurpose tools and thangs.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Sieve

Kitchen Scale: So, this thing is so fun, weighing all my portions have allowed me a chance to understand the science behind baking a bit more. Everything we bake is, mostly, a balance between flour, fat and liquid. We will get into this one day, for now, scales cut down on measuring cups and guess work. Its all accurate weight now. Mine is digital and allows for weight and volume settings. I got this at Game for like R150 and I have to say, it was one of my best purchases.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Kitchen Scale

I only weigh 7 grams

Gel Food Colouring: Ok this isn’t really a tool but an ingredient but daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, it deserves an honorable mention. Guys, I’ve always hated liquid food colouring because it alters the taste of a lot of things. Gel is tasteless and gives off an amazing hue. Guys, I’m so happy. I have to get powder food colouring soon, but this gel shit has made me so happy. Like, just allow joy into your life.

So like guys, you will not die without these things, like really, but they do have their purpose. Give it a read and really think about what it is that you want from your baking experience and gradually buy the things you need.

Low key, most of these items were either free or bought at Westpack or Clicks amid a sale being half off, I’m high key a cheap skate. High key, this “photoshoot” was as awkward as it looks.

cheesy photos baking Johannesburg South Africa 2018 love Badirile Rapodile

So yea, sunshine, happiness and Fun Shit…. 😊

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