Back to Base Camp


Well well well, look at you, back for another day of baking. I must say, good job honey bun. Sorry to let you down, there will be no baking this week, rather we will reflect and chat about all of this so far.


There is no denying that these recipes were very basic and easy, and this is what baking should be in the beginning and gradually we will get more technical and fanciful. I decided to go over the basics of cookies because really, these are an easy starting point and who doesn’t like cookies?


What we do babe???

What we learned over the past few weeks is one, things tend to be simpler than they seem. We often make purchases of goods simply because we fear the process of doing it ourselves. We create excuses centered time, finances and responsibility and while these are valid, have they been given too much power? YES, YES a thousand times. All the recipes so far have been simple and basic. They were not vastly time consuming nor did they require a multitude of ingredients. Short on time? Just pop the batter in the fridge so that you can bake it the next day. So, guys, let’s cut the crap and get in this thing.


Two, cookies are mad delicious and a great way to win favour with your coworkers. I mean, who will be able to say no to your request of a 15-page PowerPoint explaining the importance of PowerPoint in the workplace after you have baked them a tin of these bad boys?

Finally, we aren’t all super artistic and creative but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow a recipe. Don’t get me wrong, we are all human and can make mistakes but since each recipe has been tried and tested, there is less chance of failure and even if we make a mistake, it can easily be found and corrected.


A big thing to note about these first few recipes is how they form the base line for many other more involved ideas, we will get into these at a later stage but for now let us perfect the basics before we branch out. Let’s play around here. What I like to do to give my sugar cookies some life is to zest one lemon into the sugar and mix before its beat with the butter. Add a small handful of fresh berries into your scone to bring them alive. Hell, throw a truckload of almonds and chocolate chips into your shortbread in short…..

treat yourself.jpg

Ok, that’s a wrap on the super basics of cookies, we will circle back after a few weeks and add a bit of spice to this cookie life, just keep practicing people. Next week we enter the fun world of CAKES!!!!!!!! I loooove cakes. In my many, many, MANY years on this rock, I have only ever met one atrocious being that does not love cakes, so grab your cake tin and prepare to show your pals how much you love them.


Aite boo thangs, I will see you next week 😊

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