Just short of Heaven

So here we are again baking some more shit with Badi, or you know, drinking a glass of wine contemplating baking again or even the for the first time. So, in the spirit of keeping things sweet and simple here is another simple bake. SHORTBREAD. If you’re short on time and out of bread, combine the two for a boss ass bake.


Shortbread is pretty easy, but to be honest, I did completely fuck it up the first time I made it. I’m talking melted, oily, paper thin fuck up, yea, not a good look. This is now in the past because now I’m killing it, like really really delicious and other stuff. So good that everyone in my office popped by my desk to see if I had more. So good my toughest critic, my best friend, said “your cookie bangs boi!!” *no weird shit*. I even must pat my damn self on the back for this 180.


Ok, that’s enough self-praise let’s, get to why we are here, this damn cookie recipe.

What I need boo???

  • 1 cup butter/margarine, softened
  • 5 cups castor sugar
  • 25 cups corn flour
  • 5 cups all purpose flour (no APF, peep previous posts for the hack)


  • White and dark Chocolate
  • Hundreds and thousands



What I love about this recipe is that it involves minimal ingredients and still packs serious tastiness.


How do I make it boo???

Let me start by saying, baby you gonna have to whip it, whip it real good, so an electric mixer or a butt load of wrist action is recommended for this one. Ok, let’s do this

  • Preheat the oven to 190 degrees C or 375 degrees F, if you’re not about the Celsius.
  • Whip that butter and sugar until light and fluffy
  • Mix all purpose and corn flour into butter mix then continue to beat using mixed for approximately five minutes. Mix should be soft and airy.
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes or until cookies just begin to brown on the edges
  • Let cookies cool all the way down
  • Melt white and dark chocolate in microwave, continue to monitor and mix the chocolate so that is does not burn.
  • Once cookies are completely cool dip cookies in chocolate and add sprinkles while chocolate is still melted.
  • Let chocolate harden and enjoy


Aite boo, but what did you think???

As I said before, I loved these and they were super simple. The one time I fucked them up was because I added too much butter and I guess I was not paying it the right attention. Baking is 50% science and 50% magic, sometimes I get lazy and forget the science part, I am only human you know. Since my failure, I’ve gotten my shit together and this is really one recipe to keep close by.


I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t have an electric mixer because you really will really feel like you are beating this forever. You will beat, your wrist will snap, children will cry, and the moon will break. Is this really what you want? I doubt it. But hey, if you are some ninja samurai master kung fu whisking master, then go right ahead and break out old faithful:




Either way, that’s your baby boo, me, I’m sticking with my hand-held mixer.



In this recipe I actually used all-purpose flour, thank the heavens I finally found it. People on my Instagram didn’t understand the fuss but its simply not easily available in South Africa and if you don’t bake, you wouldn’t really care. It really helped with taking the guessing game out of things but damn, is it expensive. Most flour is +- R15 for 1KG, no, not all-purpose flour, this was R57 for 1KG not including delivery. Its fine, I’ll continue on in my search for alternatives.



My chocolate tempuring skills still sit on the side of poor so the chocolate did not fully set. I am working on this and I will slowly approcach the land of perfection, then I can give you the 411 on it all. Either way the chocolate still tasted good paired with the cookie. I used the Lindt 90% cocoa because I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE dark chocolate but really, use what you have. The white chocolate was from some random huge slab my friend bought for me a while back, thanks baby girl ;).


All in all, I really had fun with these and I intend on making these more often as it really was simple and can be knocked out relatively quickly.

Stay baked. 😊

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