Start at the beginning

So, baking, am I right? Sometimes it seems easier just to pop to the shop and buy whichever random, dry Black Forest cake Spar has left over. Yea, easy until you bite into it and are again underwhelmed and guests eat a decent share of their slice to be polite, and always manage to leave the Lions share on the plate. As you scrape off the leftover cream on the plate, and regret from your soul, you promise yourself that you will change and put in effort to make something nice. I mean, we’ve all seen The Great British/South African bake off and though “Hey, I can do that”. Well let’s do it. You run open google, find a simple enough recipe and run to the kitchen and BOOM!!! A big bunch of nothing. *Sigh* going to the shop to buy a bunch of random things can be a demotivator. So, there we go again, buying the same dry Black Forest and scraping off the same regret as before. So, let’s break the cycle. What do we actually need to bake? Let’s break it down.


  • Baking tray x2 if you’re committed to this life
  • Cake tin x2 if you are about this life
  • Rolling Pin (you can use a wine bottle as I cheat, I still do sometimes)
  • Oven (this is important for very obvious reasons)
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Teaspoons, spoons, cups or measuring spoons, jugs and cups (you can use spoons and cups but you may need to eyeball some measurements)
  • Whisk and spatula
  • Baking Sheet (this is not necessary, it just makes clean up easier)

Honestly, some of these things, you can bullshit your way around, you will just have to get creative.


Ingredients are and always will be a moving target when it comes to baking. This is just a list of basic things you will most likely need throughout. You wont need all of these ingredients all at once but most of these will most likely feature in whatever recipe you choose to follow. None the less here are the basics:

  • Flours: Cake Flour, Self-Raising Flour, White bread Flour and All Purpose/Plain Flour (All Purpose/Plain flour is a nightmare to find in South Africa so I have found a dupe, but we will get to that soon)
  • Sugars: Regular and Castor Sugar (you can also doup so just focus on regular white sugar)
  • Large Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vanilla Extract/Essence (Extract has a more natural and rich flavour)
  • Oil, Butter and Margarine

These are just basics and as we progress these will change and update, but yea, this is a pretty good place to start this long journey.

Go to the shop and get these, walk away from the stale bakery, I promise you, this will be more satisfactory soon.

Happy Baking

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